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Below are links to the Articles of the Zoning Ordinance

 I Enactment Clause
II Short Title
 III Definitions
 IV General Provisions
 V Application of Regulations
 VI Establishment of Districts
 VII Provisions Governing Use Districts
 VIII Area Yard Height Requirements
 IX Exceptions and Modifications
 X Sign Regulations
XI Off Street Parking
XII Tree Protection Regulations
XIII Design Overlay District
XIV Administration Enforcement Appeals
XV Board of Zoning Appeals
XVI Board of Architectural Review
XVII Community Appearance Board
XVIII Amendments
XIX Legal Status Provisions
XX Construction Board of Appeals
APX A Appendix A
APX B Appendix B
APX C Appendix C

Planning Commission’s Land Development Regulations

Georgetown Design Guideline Manual-residential
Georgetown Design Guideline Manual-residential
georgetown design guideline manual-residential.pdf
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