Becoming Part of a Vital Community

The City of Georgetown provides a friendly, small-town setting along with the progressive and active environment of a larger city. For almost three centuries, the City has functioned as the civic center for the region that was defined by geography, parishes, districts and later counties.

Annexations are critical to the City of Georgetown in planning for our future. It is important for us to respond to pressures of growth by ensuring urban development is comprehensively planned, serviced, and appropriately located. Annexation is a means of ensuring quality growth within the City limits while reducing the potential of urban sprawl. In order for the City of Georgetown to provide services as efficiently as possible, the City has identified logical areas for future growth, development and the provision of services. The most effective way for the City to manage growth is to annex the areas into the City. In many instances, residents outside of the City enjoy the benefits of city parks, city boat ramps, city water, city streets, city protection, churches and other amenities, yet unless they are residents of the City, they are not able to vote for elected officials, serve on City boards or commissions, or generally influence City policy or decisions in a manner they consider appropriate. By annexing into the City of Georgetown, you will contribute to and have a voice in: shaping the City’s future growth  and development; maintaining the quality of life that makes Georgetown a wonderful place to live, work, and play; and to help ensure an appropriate and better-coordinated level of service. Whether a neighborhood is technically part of the City, or sits just outside of the city limits, we are all part of the same community. That sense of community is one of our area’s strongest assets. Annexation is really nothing more than the official joining together of what is already connected.

Savvy developers and businesses recognize the value of city services to facilitate projects which can produce bottom-line savings in both the short and long run. Residents also appreciate the benefits of city services, which include quicker response times for emergencies and utility outages. The City is a major customer of Santee Cooper, which allows us to partner with the cooperative to pass on many of their incentive programs to our customers.


Benefits of Annexation

Police Protection City police officers per square mile is 5.6 versus .10 in the unincorporated area of Georgetown County.
Fire Protection City Fire Department has a ISO Rating of 2 compared to the 6-9 rating for Georgetown County Fire District. City fire staff per square mile is 4.5 versus .11 in the unincorporated area of Georgetown County.
Electric Department City’s electric department provides competitive rates with better response times.
Water & Wastewater Services City provides water & sewer to city residents and businesses. City has the ability to offer infrastructure assistance to new developments that benefit the City.
Street Lighting Street lighting, along with pedestrian lights, in some designated areas.
Infrastructure Assistance Assistance to developers for construction cost of sewer lines, roads, landscaping, and other improvements on public property. Level of assistance is determined on a project-by-project basis, based on the City’s strategic interest and as funds allow.
Street Maintenance Services Street cleaning, pot hole repairs, etc.
Solid Waste Collection Regular street side collection of yard waste, brown goods, white goods, and dead animals.
Residential Trash & Recycling Services  2 trash pickups per week and 1 recycling pickup.
Lower Insurance Rates Enhanced police & fire protection and quicker response times provide lower insurance rates for City residents and businesses.
 No Impact Fees  No impact fees for residential or commercial construction in the City

If you are considering development in Georgetown, you are strongly urged to contact the City of Georgetown to discuss the benefits of being part of the City. The City has the ability to offer incentives to assist with infrastructure, tax abatement, and additional services for residential and commercial developments. The incentives are project specific, therefore the City encourages developers to set up a meeting early in their planning process. The level of assistance is determined on a project-by-project basis.

For more information, contact:

City Administrator: Sandra E. Yúdice, Ph.D., 843-545-4000
Petition for Annexation
Petition for Annexation
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