Report a Problem

For any and all Emergencies please dial 911 immediately.

For questions or concerns:

  • related to City Council, City Council Meetings or their Agendas and Minutes please dial (843) 545-4002.
  • directed to the City’s Administrator, Economic Development Director or Human Resources Director please dial (843) 545-4001.
  • regarding Utility Bills, Business Licenses, or other Finance related issues please dial (843) 545-4048.
  • for Housing and Community Development including Permits, Inspections, Zoning or Sign Guidelines and Approvals please dial (843) 545-4010.
  • for our Boards and Commissions including Architectural Review Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission, Construction Board of Appeals, and Community Appearance Board please dial (843) 545-4010.
  • for Keep Georgetown Beautiful please dial (843) 545-4100.
  • for our Fire Department please dial (843) 545-4200.
  • for our Police Department please dial (843) 545-4300.
  • to report any Water Utility related issues including Sewer Backups and Water Leaks please dial (843) 545-4500.
  • to report any Electric Utility related issues including Outages please dial (843) 545-4600.
  • to report any Garbage and Debris Pickup, Broken Sidewalks, or City Parks issues please dial (843) 545-4700.