Stormwater Fee Calculator

To help calculate the proposed commercial stormwater fees from the new Stormwater Management Plan, the City of Georgetown has developed the fee estimator below.

Directions: You will need to get an estimate of both your parcel’s impervious surface(s) (asphalt, concrete, driveways, sidewalks, etc.) and the building coverage square footage.  Google Earth is a good tool to help you find these two estimates.  Once Google Earth is open, zoom to a parcel in the City of Georgetown, SC.  Then click on the Ruler icon at the top.  A box should appear, click on polygon tab.  Then use your cursor to make a box around the impervious surface or building footprint on the map.  The box will show the square feet of the polygon you drew.  Click Clear and try as many times as you need to get the best estimates for your impervious surface(s) and building coverage(s).

FORMULA:  [(ImS + BC) / 2,595] x $12

This is the estimated Monthly Fee.

For more information or questions, please call Matthew Millwood with the Planning & Community Development Department at 843-545-4016.