Student Leadership Retreat

The Georgetown Police Department wants to challenge our high school students by sponsoring a “Student Leadership Retreat” to explore the critical skills needed to be a leader in today’s society.  We have a weekend retreat planned to address the following themes:  service, ethics, personal skills, and strategies to affect positive change.  The students will hear from leaders about the skills, challenges and triumphs that have developed their ability and desire to affect change in their environment.  True progress for our city and county can only come when leaders have a vision to challenge the status quo and change things for the better.

The Georgetown Police Department will sponsor this retreat on the weekend of Friday, February 8th through Sunday, February 10th .  The retreat will be held at the Wampee Conference and Training Center in Pinopolis, SC.  The students will miss school on Friday, but it will be an excused absence according to Mr. Evans.  Attendance at the retreat is limited to twenty students, and there will be an adequate number of chaperones to ensure a safe and productive weekend.  The department looks forward to your attendance at this retreat, and we are excited about the opportunity to help community members become instruments of positive change.

The Wampee Conference and Training Center is located in a secluded setting on the banks of Lake Moultrie.  The venue will provide the perfect environment for students to explore and develop their own leadership skills, build collaboration skills and the concept of team, and develop the nucleus of a group of young people that will serve our community for years to come.