West End Redevelopment Sub-Committee


The West End Redevelopment Sub-Committee (West End RSC) was formed in 2016 to review and recommend changes to the West End Redevelopment Plan which was adopted by the City Council in 2003.  Copies of the plan can be obtained at City Hall or downloaded from the City’s website.

West END RSC held its first organizational meeting on February 11, 2017 and has held 7 meetings/workshops since that time.

Below, you will find the recommendations we have made to date.  However, we value your feedback and would like to hear from you.  


Brendon M. Barber, Mayor

Sheldon A. Butts, City Council

Talicia Dease-McCants, Citizen

Cynthia Dozier-Hazel, Citizen

Jerry Miller, Architectural Review Bd.

Jocelyn Patterson, Citizen

Winfred Pieterse, Planning Comm.

Shauna Simmons, Citizen

Fred Williams, Citizen

Gerald Williams, Planning Comm.

West End RSC Recommendations (to date):

  • Expand study area to include all of West End
  • Rehab existing housing stock and develop more housing
  • Funding (especially from Georgetown County/Bailey Bill)
  • Historic sites, markers, and cultural significance
  • Business and entrepreneurship development
  • Workforce development and training
  • Internships and apprenticeships for students
  • Public transportation to areas of high wage jobs
  • More parking spaces for Michael Johnson and Howard Center
  • Additional sidewalks, lighting, and cameras needed for safety
  • Reduce and/or monitor speed limits
  • Eliminate gang graffiti on houses
  • Engage the faith-based community in redevelopment efforts

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are usually held at 6:00 pm on the third Monday of the month at the Municipal Court located at 2222 Highmarket Street in Georgetown.

August 28

September 18

October 16

November 20

December 18

Selected Accomplishments


  • Streets: Landscaped median was added to Front Street (Fraser to Merriman in 2009) and (Merriman to Alex Alford in 2011); Bourne paved (2011); Streets paved beginning Spring 2016 (with cost): Front St from West to Seaboard ($75,544); Kaminski St from end to Bourne ($335,218); West St from West Front St to Ridge St ($23,068); Legion St from Merriman Rd to end of State Maintenance ($47,288); B St from Winyah to Front ($33,966); Streets A, D, and H were resurfaced in 2017.
  • Drainage: Installed drainage from Merriman to end (2011); Congdon and Highmarket (2017).
  • Water and Sewer: System maintained, replaced, and repaired system on Congdon Street (2007-2008) and
  • Merriman Road (2016).


  • Major renovations at Ben Cooper Park: Phase I: Splash Pad (2014); Phase II: Parking lot (2016); Picnic Shelter; and currently Phase III: Bathhouse; adding sidewalks, landscaping, and gazebo.
  • Major renovation of Howard Recreation Center by the County and opening of the Mitney Center by The Mitney Project.
  • Renovations planned for Kaminski Street Park/Tennis Courts in 2017-2018: Replacement of nets, new benches, and gazebo or shelter.


  • Community garden on Winyah in 2011; planted 22 crepe myrtle trees on Emanuel December 2016; trees obtained through Palmetto and planted by SAVE; planted roughly 6 crepe myrtle trees on Kaminski Street.
  • Lighting on Front Street from Fraser to Alex Alford has been replaced in several phases. This involved 48 decorative poles and globe fixtures at a cost of roughly $96,000.


  • R5 Zoning District was created (2/19/2004) to allow for the development of small lots and mix of housing types.


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